Vellum 2.5

Announcing Large Print and more trim sizes!
Here’s what’s new in this free update:

Large Print

Now, you can create a Large Print Edition of your book with just a few clicks. Select a Large Print option and Vellum will configure everything for your book: font size, headers, page numbers and more!

With larger, more legible text, these special editions can help you reach new audiences of readers.

Mass Market

Prefer something on the smaller side? Choose from Vellum’s new Mass Market trim sizes. Your readers will love taking these portable, pocketable paperbacks on their next vacation.

International Trim Sizes

If you’re publishing outside of the US, you’ll appreciate a new set of international trim sizes. Options like B-Format, 12 × 19 cm, and A5 allow you to use European print-on-demand services, and create paperbacks in familiar sizes.

Combined, you’ll find over a dozen trim size options in Vellum!

Also in Vellum 2.5:

  • You can now customize the Outside Margin of your print edition
  • Dimensions in Print Settings can be shown in centimeters
  • Books within a Box Set can each have a Table of Contents
  • Improvements to how links and very long words break across lines
  • The use of Line Separator characters no longer results in missing text

Vellum 2.5 is a free update. This version requires macOS Sierra or newer.

To get Vellum 2.5, use Check for Updates in the Vellum menu. Or download and install Vellum from

Warnings from KindleGen on Mojave

If you’ve updated to macOS Mojave, you’ll likely see a warning the first time you generate for the Kindle platform:

kindlegen is not updated for your Mac and needs to be updated

Vellum makes use of Amazon’s KindleGen tool to convert ebooks to their proprietary mobi format. When running Mojave, your Mac will warn about this program because it has not been built in a 64-bit format, something Apple will require in future versions of macOS.

While Amazon has released 64-bit versions of Kindle Previewer and Kindle for Mac, they have not yet published a 64-bit version of KindleGen.

Until they do, you will periodically see this warning when you generate for Kindle. This does not affect your generated books. We recognize it can cause concern, though, so we are investigating ways to create ebooks for Kindle without triggering this warning.

Update 10/2/19: Vellum 2.6.2 uses Kindle Previewer, which has been updated for current versions of macOS.

Vellum 2.3.1

Vellum 2.3.1 is a minor update that includes these improvements:

  • Fixed a problem with the Table of Contents crossing the inside margin in print
  • Fixed a rare crash when pasting into the Text Editor

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.3

Vellum 2.3 is now available and includes a brand new Text Feature: Endnotes! You can use endnotes to annotate the books you create with Vellum.1

In ebooks, readers can use a popup to access each note without losing their place:2

In print, readers will find endnotes in a dedicated section at the back:3

Use endnotes to include citations in your academic work, to add translations of foreign phrases, or to create a parallel narrative in your postmodern opus.4

Also in this Release:

  • Use bold, italics, and web links in image captions
  • Scene breaks at the top or bottom of the page are now clarified
  • The iBooks platform has been renamed to Apple Books
  • Show in Preview now highlights the selected paragraph
  • And more!

Get it Now

Vellum 2.3 is a free update. To get it, use Check for Updates in the Vellum menu. Or download and install Vellum from

  1. Endnotes and footnotes in a Word file are automatically converted when you import
  2. Supported on Kindle, in Apple Books, and on most devices for Google Play and Kobo
  3. An Endnotes element is automatically created whenever you import a manuscript containing endnotes
  4. Untitled. Unfinished. UNRELEASED

Mojave Now Available

Today, Apple released Mojave, a new update to macOS.

Vellum works well with Mojave. Just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Vellum (2.2.3), which includes many small fixes to improve compatibility.

Mojave introduces a new “Dark Mode,” which applies a darker color scheme to your applications. Vellum does not yet support Dark Mode, but we’re excited about this feature and plan to support it in a future version of Vellum.

Update 3/2019: Support for Dark Mode can be found in Vellum 2.5.2!

Vellum 2.2.3

Vellum 2.2.3 improves compatibility with the upcoming macOS Mojave.

This update also includes these improvements:

  • Social icons have better visibility in iBooks night mode
  • Fixed a rare problem with unexpected whitespace after spread balancing
  • Addressed potential issues with image captions when on a Separate Page
  • Print headers are again visible when switching back from Android Preview

This release is a free update, available now.

Announcing Easier Import from Scrivener

Scrivener and Vellum Icons

We know many Vellum users love using Scrivener to develop their story. We’re excited to share that bringing that story into Vellum just got a lot easier.

In Scrivener 3.0.3, you’ll find a new Compile format that, with one click, sets everything up for Vellum:

Compile Options in Scrivener, with Vellum Export Selected

Select the new Vellum Export option in the Compile sheet and Scrivener will produce a docx file especially for Vellum. And with Vellum 2.2.2, links and formatting options like block quotations and sans-serif will import perfectly.

All this makes it even easier to format your book with Vellum, and it’s available today!

Vellum 2.2.2

New in Vellum 2.2.2:

  • Import links in files from Scrivener or Pages
  • Apply Monospace and Sans Serif formatting to text using these Word Styles
  • Detect chapter titles that use inherited Word styles

Also in this update:

  • Fix for a crash when generating after using Revert
  • Fix for a crash that could occur when downloading Kindlegen

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.2.1

Vellum 2.2.1 includes these improvements:

  • Higher-quality ornamental breaks in Nook and Generic EPUB ebooks
  • A fix for potentially cut-off glyphs on page edges in print
  • New preferences for checking for updates and providing anonymous analytics
  • Better baseline-matching when using ornamental breaks and block quotes
  • Improvements to spread balancing and final page lengthening in print editions

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.2

Announcing Custom Ornamental Breaks!
Here’s what’s new in this latest update:

Custom Ornamental Breaks

With Vellum 2.2, you can use any image as an Ornamental Break.

Provide your own image in just one step. Vellum will include your ornament everywhere you indicate, in a compatible format for each platform.

Set the mood with a themed illustration, or personalize with your favorite fleuron. Your options are unlimited!

Message Formatting

In Vellum 2.2, you’ll find new options to set text in Sans Serif or Monospace.

There’s also a new Inset switch on Alignment Blocks.

Use these two features together to format text messages, emails, or transcripts from a steamy chat room.

What Else?

You’ll find new hotkeys for adding Ornamental Breaks and other Text Features, as well as many small improvements to generated books and ebooks.

Get it Now

Vellum 2.2 is a free update. To get it, use Check for Updates in the Vellum menu. Or download and install Vellum from