Vellum 2.0.3

Vellum 2.0.3 is a minor update with several small improvements, including:

  • Reimport Word File is back and better than ever: added front and back matter is left in place, and it’s now undoable
  • Subhead size now adjusts when the print font size changes
  • Updated Chroma colors to adhere to accessibility guidelines
  • Added Edit > Substitutions > Smart Links menu item to control automatic link creation
  • Addressed potential problems with automatic layout for print:
    • Fixed rare case where Vellum could cut off the last few lines of a chapter
    • In books without indentation, fixed issue where a paragraph at the bottom of a page could be incorrectly positioned

Vellum 2.0.3 is a free update, available now.

You’ll need a Mac running El Capitan or Sierra to use Vellum 2.0.3.

Vellum 2.0.2

Vellum 2.0.2 is a minor update with several small improvements, including:

  • A new Header and Footer style allows you to create Print editions without headers
  • Page numbers are no longer shown for Uncategorized frontmatter
  • iBooks now displays the correct fonts on your Title Page when viewing Generic EPUB
  • Extremely wide heading images no longer extend beyond the page in print
  • Printing isn’t flipped when using macOS 10.13 Beta (High Sierra)
  • Addressed issue where Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting would incorrectly align some chapter titles and subtitles

Vellum 2.0.2 is a free update, available now.

You’ll need a Mac running El Capitan or Sierra to use Vellum 2.0.2

Vellum 2.0 is here!

Get ready to create beautiful paperbacks.
Vellum 2.0 is here!

Setup in Seconds

Vellum 2.0 makes creating a print edition of your book as effortless as creating an ebook.

Select your book’s trim size and Vellum automatically numbers the pages of your book, creates page headers, and performs advanced layout like widow prevention and spread balancing.

You’ll have a professional-grade interior with just a few clicks.

Ready to Publish

Early testers used Vellum 2.0 to publish hundreds of paperback and hardcover books, making use of CreateSpace, IngramSpark, NOOK Press, and KDP’s new paperback option. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

“I love it so much!”
Avery Flynn USA Today bestselling author

Creating a beautiful print book in a few clicks is awesome!”
Zara Keane USA Today bestselling author

So easy!”
Sara Rosett USA Today bestselling author

Get it Now

If you already have Velllum, you can update to 2.0 using Check for Updates in the Vellum menu. Or download and install Vellum from

Creating print versions of your book is only available with the new Vellum Press package. If you previously purchased an ebook package, you’ll be offered the chance to upgrade to Vellum Press the next time you Generate. You can also open Purchases in the Vellum menu.

You’ll need a Mac running El Capitan or Sierra to use Vellum 2.0.

Coming Soon: Vellum 2.0!

Vellum 2.0

We’re excited to share that Vellum 2.0 will be available on June 1, 2017!

Love creating ebooks in Vellum? Creating books for print will be just as easy. With just a few clicks, you will have a beautiful interior ready for services like CreateSpace and IngramSpark.

Vellum 2.0 will offer these options:

Vellum Press $249.99
Create Unlimited Ebooks + Paperbacks
Vellum Ebooks $199.99
Create Unlimited Ebooks
Upgrade to Vellum Press $99.99
From Vellum Unlimited or Vellum Ebooks

You can also upgrade to Vellum Press from a 10-book package for $179.99, or from a 1-book package for $229.99.

Upgrading to Vellum Press is optional. You can still produce ebooks in Vellum 2.0, and can upgrade to Vellum Press whenever you want to add paperbacks to your library.

Vellum 2.0 will require macOS El Capitan or Sierra.

We’re hard at work putting the final touches on this release, and can’t wait to get it to you!

* If you need to purchase Vellum Unlimited today, or if you purchased very recently, you will have a limited-time option to exchange your purchase for Vellum Press (for the difference in price). Details will be sent on release day to all who purchase Vellum Unlimited between April 1 and June 1, 2017.

Vellum 1.4.2

Vellum 1.4.2 includes changes to work around problems with Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting feature.

In eBooks with Enhanced Typesetting enabled, some chapter headings were improperly centered, and drop caps beginning with a quote could display blank pages. This update adjusts Vellum’s Kindle-specific output to avoid both of these issues.

Vellum 1.4.2 is a free update, available now.

Vellum 1.4.1

Vellum 1.4.1 is now available and includes the following minor changes:

  • The MacBook Pro TouchBar can now be used to insert autocomplete suggestions in the Text Editor.
  • Improved appearance of About the Author connect section when seen in Amazon’s older mobi7 format.
  • Text of a Verse text feature is never justified. Lists are no longer justified when seen on Kindle.
  • Kindred drop caps are better positioned when a reader changes away from Publisher Font on Paperwhite, Voyage, or Oasis e-readers.
  • Volumes and Parts can no longer be created without chapters inside. Select the chapters you wish to include and use Create Volume from Selection or Create Part from Selection, available from the Chapter menu. Read more in Creating Parts and Volumes.

Vellum 1.4.1 is a free update, available now.

Note: We briefly released 1.4 before discovering an issue with using Bold / Italic / Underline controls. We’ve addressed this with 1.4.1.

Vellum and Sierra

Today Apple released macOS Sierra, the newest version of the Mac operating system.

Should you upgrade to macOS Sierra, you will need to use the latest version of Vellum, which contains crucial changes made for this version of macOS.

In Sierra, you’ll find a new way to manage your open Vellum documents: merge your windows into one and use tabs to seamlessly switch between them.

Merge All Windows and other tab management commands are available in Vellum’s Window menu, only when using macOS Sierra.

Vellum 1.3.9

Vellum 1.3.9 is now available and includes a revamped Help menu with integrated search of the Vellum Help website:

Vellum 1.3.9 also includes these improvements:

  • You can now disable text justification for Kindle eBooks
  • Paperwhite Preview is much sharper for El Capitan users with retina screens
  • Import does a better job of detecting spelled-out chapter numbers (“Twenty-one”) and now translates Word’s non-breaking hyphen character
  • Links are formatted to avoid double-underlines
  • When included as a page in your book, the Table of Contents no longer lists Copyright, Dedication, or Epigraph
  • The Text Editor is again functional when using macOS Sierra Public Beta

Vellum 1.3.9 is a free update, available now.

Big Improvements to Look Inside

Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature has long provided readers a way to preview the first few pages of eBooks.

For authors, though, it’s often been a source of frustration, as Look Inside has never looked much like the eBooks seen by readers. Features like drop caps and ornaments — and all of the other touches that make up a Vellum-formatted book — couldn’t be seen in the Look Inside, as it was a place where Amazon continued to use their older “mobi7” format.

That’s why we’re very excited to have discovered that many books created with Vellum have a whole new Look Inside: one that provides a much better preview of an eBook by adopting the same KF8 format used by Amazon apps and devices.


Here are just a few of the many books where you can see Amazon’s new Look Inside:

While we’ve found many eBooks that include this new Look Inside, some — especially those recently published — still use the older format. So you may not see the new Look Inside right after you upload your book to KDP, or even for a few weeks.

Other than waiting, though, you shouldn’t have to do anything to receive it. You may even find your existing titles have already been updated.

Since there are still a few differences, we’ve already begun looking into how we can adjust Vellum’s output to accommodate Amazon’s new Look Inside. But we’re thrilled to see such a huge improvement in how readers preview your books.

Update 8/2: We’ve since found that Amazon’s mobile site continues to use the older mobi7 format for its Look Inside. We hope that Amazon will eventually upgrade this to match the behavior of its full site. In the meantime, readers using mobile devices like iPhones may still see the old Look Inside.

Vellum 1.3.8

Today we released Vellum 1.3.8, a minor update with the following improvements:

Reuse Style
Style choices you make in one book now serve as the starting point for your next

Import Heading Images
Vellum will now detect and import heading images in your manuscript

Assign Heading Images to Multiple Chapters
You can now assign Heading Images to multiple chapters at once

Preview On
Vellum files now open with the Preview showing

Also in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where chapter titles using the Sudo style could be displayed in the Preview as gibberish
  • Improved reliability of the Revert To command, available from the File menu
  • Short URLs are now considered when detecting Store Links
  • The Store Link editor now checks Kobo identifiers to ensure that an ISBN hasn’t been entered instead
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering an unexpected URL into the Web Link or Store Link editors
  • Fixed problems importing Store Links from the middle of a paragraph
  • Images included in eBooks for Kobo now have a greater amount of compression
  • Descriptions for heading images are now optional and can be excluded for decorative images
  • Changed TOC styling to work around an issue of eInk Kindles showing blank pages
  • Fixed intersecting drop caps for certain font size and line spacing combinations in the Kindle app for iPhone

Note: To be sure it is using a current version of KindleGen, Vellum no longer looks in your Applications folder for KindleGen, and will instead only look in its managed folder. If you previously used the Mac App Store version of Vellum, you may have to download KindleGen again. It will be much easier this time.

Vellum 1.3.8 is a free update, available now.

Since Vellum is no longer available through the Mac App Store, any remaining users of the Mac App Store version of Vellum should migrate to Direct to receive this update.