New in Vellum: Streamlined PDFs for IngramSpark

With its wide reach and years of experience, IngramSpark is an important option for print-on-demand. 

That’s why we’re excited about Vellum 2.8.5, featuring an all-new PDF system that makes it easier to use IngramSpark for your paperbacks and hardcovers.


Vellum now creates files in the PDF/X-1a format, an industry standard for print-on-demand. That means the PDFs you create with Vellum will be immediately accepted by IngramSpark: no warnings, no waivers. (Though we still recommend ordering a proof!)

Vellum’s new PDF system is enabled for every PDF you create. No extra configuration is necessary. And Vellum’s PDFs still work great at Amazon KDP, the most popular option for print-on-demand.

Vellum 2.8.5 is a free update and requires macOS Mojave or newer.

To get Vellum 2.8.5, use Check for Updates. Or download Vellum from