Vellum 1.1.1

We’ve released Vellum 1.1.1, a small update that includes improvements to features we introduced with Vellum 1.1 as well as a few bug fixes.

If you’ve made use of the Also By element (introduced in Vellum 1.1), you should see better formatting for subheads. In addition, you can include these in your manuscript and Vellum will detect them during import.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Look Up is now available from the context menu of the Text Editor and allows quick access to the dictionary and thesaurus
  • Import now detects Also By elements
  • Alignment of subheads in Also By elements matches that of other text
  • Improved detection of bold text in docx files created with Pages
  • Improved behavior when renaming chapters in the Navigator
  • Fixed issues when checking spelling across multiple chapters

Vellum 1.1.1 also includes Store Links, introduced with Vellum 1.1.

If Vellum does not automatically update, you can learn how to force an update in Tips: Updating Vellum.