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Monterey 12.1 Now Available

Apple has released macOS 12.1, which fixes a bug that could cause Vellum (and other applications) to crash on Intel-based Macs using Monterey.

If you’ve had problems with Monterey, we recommend installing this update immediately by going to  > System Preferences and choosing Software Update. There, you should be prompted to update to macOS 12.1.

If you still experience issues with Monterey after performing this update, please let us know.

Vellum 2.8.8

Vellum 2.8.8 fixes a hang that could occur when a Page Break text feature appears at the end of a chapter.

Also in this update:

  • Addressed case where Flow for an Inline Image would not work on Kindle
  • Fixed issue where specific font/trim size combinations could cause inconsistent print layout
  • Improved accessibility validation of EPUB files

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.8.7

Vellum 2.8.7 improves Import to account for a Google Docs change that caused paragraphs to import as chapters. 

Also in this update:

  • Fix for incorrect selection when checking spelling
  • Fix for cut-off chapters on macOS Monterey Public Beta

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.3.1

Vellum 2.3.1 is a minor update that includes these improvements:

  • Fixed a problem with the Table of Contents crossing the inside margin in print
  • Fixed a rare crash when pasting into the Text Editor

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.2.3

Vellum 2.2.3 improves compatibility with the upcoming macOS Mojave.

This update also includes these improvements:

  • Social icons have better visibility in iBooks night mode
  • Fixed a rare problem with unexpected whitespace after spread balancing
  • Addressed potential issues with image captions when on a Separate Page
  • Print headers are again visible when switching back from Android Preview

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.2.2

New in Vellum 2.2.2:

  • Import links in files from Scrivener or Pages
  • Apply Monospace and Sans Serif formatting to text using these Word Styles
  • Detect chapter titles that use inherited Word styles

Also in this update:

  • Fix for a crash when generating after using Revert
  • Fix for a crash that could occur when downloading Kindlegen

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.2.1

Vellum 2.2.1 includes these improvements:

  • Higher-quality ornamental breaks in Nook and Generic EPUB ebooks
  • A fix for potentially cut-off glyphs on page edges in print
  • New preferences for checking for updates and providing anonymous analytics
  • Better baseline-matching when using ornamental breaks and block quotes
  • Improvements to spread balancing and final page lengthening in print editions

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.1.4

Vellum 2.1.4 includes the following improvements:

  • Quotation marks are again included before drop caps in ebooks. We’ve found an alternative solution for avoiding problems with Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting.
  • The size of heading images in ebooks is more consistent, especially for very wide images and for ebooks converted to Enhanced Typesetting
  • The Table of Contents now excludes any pages that come before it
  • Improved spread balancing for books that include images
  • Dictation no longer adjusts insert position after a pause
  • Improved responsiveness when a network-mounted disk is no longer available

This release is a free update, available now.

Vellum 2.1.3

Vellum 2.1.3 adds a new Begin On switch for elements in your print edition:

The Begin On menu item that is available in front and back matter
Use it to control whether an element begins on the right or left side of a page spread.

This update also addresses these issues:

  • Leading quotes are now removed from drop caps in ebooks. These quotation marks have long caused issues with Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting.
  • Fixed potential problems numbering pages of a print edition with a Table of Contents.
  • Fixed a generation problem for books with similarly-named images.

This release is a free update, available now.