Vellum 3.0 is Here!

It’s here! Vellum 3.0 is out now with exciting new options for styling your books. Here’s everything that’s in this free update:

All-New Styles

Vellum 3.0 features twenty-four Styles, with sixteen all-new designs. Every Style allows for multiple configurations, giving you a world of new options for your books.

You’ll also find a brand new browser for Styles, with new categories that can help you find the perfect match for your story.

Full-Bleed Heading Backgrounds

Add a rich background behind the beginning of each chapter in your print edition. Use a single-page background, or fill the entire page spread and wow your readers. You can even set the mood with white text on a dark background.

Vellum comes with six illustrated backgrounds that are ready to use in your book, as well as a Custom option where you can provide your own.

Saved Styles

Configured the perfect setup for your book? Create a Saved Style and easily reuse it for every book in the series.

Also in Vellum 3.0

All of this comes in a revamped interface designed for the latest versions of macOS.

Version 3.0 is a free update. Get it using Check for Updates, or download Vellum from

Your Mac will need macOS Catalina or newer for this version.