Monterey and Vellum 2.8.9 Now Available

Apple has released Monterey, the newest version of macOS. 

If you upgrade your Mac to Monterey, make sure you’re running the latest version of Vellum (2.8.9). You can do that using Check for Updates.

Vellum 2.8.9 includes fixes for issues with print generation that could occur in Monterey. If you experience any other issues with Monterey, please let us know.

Update 11/5/21: A low-level bug in Monterey can sometimes cause Vellum (and other applications) to crash on Macs with Intel chips. Apple believes they have a fix for this issue, but we don’t have any information for when it will be released. As a result, we do not currently recommend updating to macOS Monterey.

Update 12/14/21: Apple has just released macOS 12.1, which fixes this low-level bug.