Dark Mode

Staying up for late-night publishing? Turn down the lights with Dark Mode!

Activating Dark Mode in Vellum

Introducing an all-new, darker color scheme for Vellum. With low-brightness backgrounds and a light-on-dark editor, it’s designed to be used in dim environments.

Dark Mode can be just the thing for working at 2 AM, but we won’t blame you if you want to use it all the time!

Dark Mode requires macOS Mojave. You can activate it in the System Preferences for your Mac.

Also in this Update

  • Large Print editions are now generated into a separate folder, and won’t overwrite a standard print edition.
  • You can now use the Numbered toggle to disable numbering for Parts.

You’ll find these additions in Vellum 2.5.2, a free update. This version requires macOS Sierra or newer.