Warnings from KindleGen on Mojave

If you’ve updated to macOS Mojave, you’ll likely see a warning the first time you generate for the Kindle platform:

kindlegen is not updated for your Mac and needs to be updated

Vellum makes use of Amazon’s KindleGen tool to convert ebooks to their proprietary mobi format. When running Mojave, your Mac will warn about this program because it has not been built in a 64-bit format, something Apple will require in future versions of macOS.

While Amazon has released 64-bit versions of Kindle Previewer and Kindle for Mac, they have not yet published a 64-bit version of KindleGen.

Until they do, you will periodically see this warning when you generate for Kindle. This does not affect your generated books. We recognize it can cause concern, though, so we are investigating ways to create ebooks for Kindle without triggering this warning.

Update 10/2/19: Vellum 2.6.2 uses Kindle Previewer, which has been updated for current versions of macOS.