Vellum 2.3

Vellum 2.3 is now available and includes a brand new Text Feature: Endnotes! You can use endnotes to annotate the books you create with Vellum.1

In ebooks, readers can use a popup to access each note without losing their place:2

In print, readers will find endnotes in a dedicated section at the back:3

Use endnotes to include citations in your academic work, to add translations of foreign phrases, or to create a parallel narrative in your postmodern opus.4

Also in this Release:

  • Use bold, italics, and web links in image captions
  • Scene breaks at the top or bottom of the page are now clarified
  • The iBooks platform has been renamed to Apple Books
  • Show in Preview now highlights the selected paragraph
  • And more!

Get it Now

Vellum 2.3 is a free update. To get it, use Check for Updates in the Vellum menu. Or download and install Vellum from

  1. Endnotes and footnotes in a Word file are automatically converted when you import
  2. Supported on Kindle, in Apple Books, and on most devices for Google Play and Kobo
  3. An Endnotes element is automatically created whenever you import a manuscript containing endnotes
  4. Untitled. Unfinished. UNRELEASED