Vellum 2.2

Announcing Custom Ornamental Breaks!
Here’s what’s new in this latest update:

Custom Ornamental Breaks

With Vellum 2.2, you can use any image as an Ornamental Break.

Provide your own image in just one step. Vellum will include your ornament everywhere you indicate, in a compatible format for each platform.

Set the mood with a themed illustration, or personalize with your favorite fleuron. Your options are unlimited!

Message Formatting

In Vellum 2.2, you’ll find new options to set text in Sans Serif or Monospace.

There’s also a new Inset switch on Alignment Blocks.

Use these two features together to format text messages, emails, or transcripts from a steamy chat room.

What Else?

You’ll find new hotkeys for adding Ornamental Breaks and other Text Features, as well as many small improvements to generated books and ebooks.

Get it Now

Vellum 2.2 is a free update. To get it, use Check for Updates in the Vellum menu. Or download and install Vellum from