Vellum 1.4.1

Vellum 1.4.1 is now available and includes the following minor changes:

  • The MacBook Pro TouchBar can now be used to insert autocomplete suggestions in the Text Editor.
  • Improved appearance of About the Author connect section when seen in Amazon’s older mobi7 format.
  • Text of a Verse text feature is never justified. Lists are no longer justified when seen on Kindle.
  • Kindred drop caps are better positioned when a reader changes away from Publisher Font on Paperwhite, Voyage, or Oasis e-readers.
  • Volumes and Parts can no longer be created without chapters inside. Select the chapters you wish to include and use Create Volume from Selection or Create Part from Selection, available from the Chapter menu. Read more in Creating Parts and Volumes.

Vellum 1.4.1 is a free update, available now.

Note: We briefly released 1.4 before discovering an issue with using Bold / Italic / Underline controls. We’ve addressed this with 1.4.1.