Monthly Archives: September 2016

Vellum and Sierra

Today Apple released macOS Sierra, the newest version of the Mac operating system.

Should you upgrade to macOS Sierra, you will need to use the latest version of Vellum, which contains crucial changes made for this version of macOS.

In Sierra, you’ll find a new way to manage your open Vellum documents: merge your windows into one and use tabs to seamlessly switch between them.

Merge All Windows and other tab management commands are available in Vellum’s Window menu, only when using macOS Sierra.

Vellum 1.3.9

Vellum 1.3.9 is now available and includes a revamped Help menu with integrated search of the Vellum Help website:

Vellum 1.3.9 also includes these improvements:

  • You can now disable text justification for Kindle eBooks
  • Paperwhite Preview is much sharper for El Capitan users with retina screens
  • Import does a better job of detecting spelled-out chapter numbers (“Twenty-one”) and now translates Word’s non-breaking hyphen character
  • Links are formatted to avoid double-underlines
  • When included as a page in your book, the Table of Contents no longer lists Copyright, Dedication, or Epigraph
  • The Text Editor is again functional when using macOS Sierra Public Beta

Vellum 1.3.9 is a free update, available now.