Leaving the Mac App Store

Today we are announcing that we will no longer sell Vellum through the Mac App Store. We will continue to develop the direct version of Vellum, the version that has long offered a better experience for our users.

If you downloaded Vellum from the Mac App Store, we recommend migrating to the direct version as soon as possible. The books you’ve created and the purchases you have made will work just as well in this version, and by migrating you will be able to receive future updates to Vellum. You can learn more in our guide to Migrating from the Mac App Store to Direct.

We added the Mac App Store as a purchasing option nearly two years ago, hoping it would serve as an easy-to-use option for customers. Unfortunately, that has not been the reality. Users of the Mac App Store have experienced purchasing difficulties, problems when updating, and situations when the Mac App Store version of Vellum simply stopped working. Updates to this version are also delayed by the App Store review process (for as much as a week), making it harder to respond quickly to changes. By focusing on our direct version, we will be able to stay responsive by delivering updates as soon as they are ready.

We’ve made every effort to make migrating as painless as possible, but please contact us if you have any problems or questions.