Vellum 1.3.7

Vellum 1.3.7 is a minor update that includes the following fixes:

  • Vellum will now prompt you to save an unsaved file before generating
  • Small-caps appear in books generated using Vellum on OS X 10.11.4
  • Italics defined in Word styles import correctly, for better compatibility with writing tools like Ulysses
  • Ornamental breaks updated to avoid limitations of Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting
  • Large images are centered correctly for the Kindle Voyage and latest Paperwhite
  • Quotation marks before drop caps have more consistent position across Kindle devices
  • Grammar checking now highlights and replaces the specific words to change
  • Addressed rare crashes that could occur when performing a Find operation

Vellum 1.3.7 is a free update, available now for Direct users. It has been submitted to the Mac App Store for approval.

Update 4/11: Vellum 1.3.7 is now available from the Mac App Store.