Vellum 1.3.4

We’re happy to announce Vellum 1.3.4, an update with these new features:

Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists

You can now create lists in Vellum and import them from your manuscript. Use lists for the ingredients in your recipe, steps toward inner peace, or items in your heroine’s bug-out bag.

Lists can be created in Vellum's Text Editor

Use Affiliate Links for Kobo and Barnes & Noble

Vellum can now construct affiliate links for Kobo and Barnes & Noble. Just enter your affiliate codes in your Store Link Preferences, and Vellum will do the rest.

Add affiliate codes in Vellum Preferences

Restore Purchased Licenses

Setting up a new MacBook from scratch? Now, you can restore your license using Vellum. Use the Restore… button in Vellum’s Purchases window.

Restore a purchase in Vellum

Other Improvements

Vellum 1.3.4 also includes these improvements:

  • Better integration with Spotlight, so you can quickly find Vellum files
  • New warnings for invalid links, which are now excluded from eBooks
  • More responsive Preview for chapters with many images
  • Improved Preview accuracy for small images and iBooks hyphenation
  • Fixed potential crashes when using Find, Copy/Paste, and other Text Editor features
  • Improved import for manuscripts without chapter titles
  • Terminology customization now includes Title Page
  • Non-breaking spaces are now included among Invisible Characters shown in the Text Editor


This update is available to Direct users today. If you are reading this on your Mac, click Check for Updates to download it now.

If you downloaded Vellum from the Mac App Store, then this update will be available after it is approved by Apple, a process that typically takes about a week. To learn more about how to upgrade to this latest version of Vellum, please read our guide to Updating Vellum.

Update 1/29: Vellum 1.3.4 is now available from the Mac App Store.