Vellum 1.2.2

We’re excited to announce Vellum 1.2.2, the most major minor update yet! It includes the following, much-requested features:

Alignment Blocks allow you to center selected blocks of text, or render them flush left or right.

A centered Alignment Block in Vellum's iPad Preview

More authors are telling us that they have chosen to write entirely in Vellum. Our new Export feature makes it easy to use the text of your book in other applications – like Microsoft Word, Pages, and others – if necessary.

Export to RTF menu item

In addition, we’ve added a bunch of fixes and other small improvements, including:

  • The appearance of a book’s title page and chapter headings has been improved when viewed in Amazon’s Look Inside
  • Images used within an iBooks file can now contain up to 4 million pixels
  • Long sections of Verse no longer cause a large expanse of blank space
  • Chapter headings better adapt to the iPhone 6
  • The value for “Display Heading in Book” is now saved correctly
  • Inline images are now included when printing a manuscript

Vellum 1.2.2 requires OS X 10.9 (or newer) and is a free update, available now.

If you don’t already have it, you can download Vellum from or from the Mac App Store.