Include Images in Your Books with Vellum 1.2

We’re extremely excited to announce the release of Vellum 1.2, a major update that adds the ability to include photographs, illustrations, and any other kind of image in your eBooks.

iPad and Kindle showing example pages with images

Now you can create beautiful eBooks in even more genres. With images, you can:

  • Show the map of a world in a fantasy novel
  • Enhance a memoir with historical photographs
  • Augment a reference book with screenshots and diagrams
  • Add illustrations to a story for young readers

Vellum takes the notoriously difficult problem of using images in eBooks and makes it easy. Just drop images into your book and use Vellum’s simple controls and immediate Preview to achieve the look you desire. When it comes time to generate your eBooks, Vellum automatically resizes and reformats images to satisfy the complex requirements of each store.

Vellum 1.2 is a free update, available now. If you don’t already have it, you can download Vellum from or from the Mac App Store.