Vellum 1.1.3

Vellum 1.1.3 is now available for users of our Direct and Mac App Store versions.

From the release notes:

  • The Preview’s page-turn buttons now work across chapters
  • The Navigator’s gear menu now includes a command to remove the selected element
  • Generated ebook filenames now include the book’s subtitle (if any)
  • Addressed image sizing issues for some multiple monitor setups
  • Improved Store Link compatibility for older Kindles
  • Improved superscript and subscript formatting for Nook and the Kindle app for iOS
  • Addressed issue of some ornamental breaks not appearing in the Kindle app for iOS
  • Fixed a problem with script drop caps used in paragraphs after breaks

As mentioned above, the filenames of ebooks generated by Vellum will now include the subtitle if your book has one. This last change was inspired by authors of series who are working with several books that only differ in their respective subtitles.

Find out more about updating your copy of Vellum from our Tips Page.