Announcing New Packages

Since we released Vellum a month ago, we’ve received tremendous feedback from authors interested in using Vellum in ways we didn’t expect. Authors have asked about purchasing large quantities so that they could publish numerous short stories, make weekly sermons available, or upgrade their back catalog. Initially we had thought that interest in such quantities would be limited to publishers. But we were wrong. And we couldn’t be more pleased.

Today, we’re announcing new packages for particularly prolific authors: an unlimited package for $299.99 and a 10-book package for $15 a book. Our single book option — our most popular package — is still available for $49.99. So whether you want to take advantage of unlimited books and publish like Asimov, or you want to pay as you go (hello, Harper Lee), we now have a plan for you.

See Pricing Details

Note: purchasing these packages requires the most recent version of Vellum. To update, use the Vellum > Check for Updates… menu item.